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Estimate your monthly mortgage payment, including taxes, insurances and closing costs, and estimate how much cash you'll need for settlement.

We'll highlight where you can save!

CashtoClose Closing Cost Calculator for PA Home Mortgage

An accurate estimate upfront, when it matters the most. You don't have to wait until settlement to get a complete list of your closing costs.

With CashtoClose, you get an estimate so tight, it's like getting a sneak peak at your settlement worksheet. Our technology is user friendly and modeled after similar software products that, until now, were only available to title insurance professionals.

Just Follow Our Step by Step Guide.

Enter an address, a settlement date and few other details and we'll crunch the numbers.

Enter an Address

Calculate what your closing costs would be, including the size of your mortgage payment, for any dream home in Pennsylvania, even if it's not currently on the market. We'll search public data, access the municipal tax records and recording fees.

Follow the Guide

Input a settlement date, purchase price and how much money you plan to borrow. If you don't have all the details yet, or if you're just looking around, don't worry. You can use our suggestions for now and adjust your answers later for a more accurate estimate.

Crunch the Numbers

Sit tight as we pro-rate all the taxes, seller reimbursements, and lender escrows based on the settlement date and calculate title insurance and the monthly mortgage payment with interest, taxes and insurances. We'll double check for savings and if we find any, we'll show you where!

Save Your Worksheet

View and print your Closing Cost Worksheet, which reads like an ALTA Settlement Statement. Create a free account and we'll save all your worksheets so that you can easily revise. The slightest change in settlement date, loan amount or purchase price can impact the funds needed at closing.


More than just a cool calculator,
you get a command center for your transaction.

No login or account registration is required to use CashtoClose, but by creating a free account, you can take advantage of all the dashboard features.

Save, Edit and Share Your Estimates

Every estimate you create, for as many scenarios as you need, will be saved in your dashboard, organized by property address. You can edit and re-save them.  If you're working with, or are in the process of selecting, a real estate agent or lender, you can select any estimate and email it as a PDF right from the dashboard.

Title Insurance at Your Fingertips

Have you decided on a house? It's time to talk title insurance. You can get a title quote with just a click- without re-entering the location, loan amount and sale price. And when you're ready to order, you can upload your agreement of sale in the dashboard and we'll take it from there.


Keep everyone in the loop. Enter your real estate and lender contacts, and don't forget your significant other, to easily collaborate with your team and the title office throughout your transaction. Receive updates, ask questions, or exchange sensitive documents through our secure connection.

Access Premium Property Details

Using data that is typically reserved for real estate professionals, you can search any Pennsylvania address and view the property tax records, past mortgage details, owners info and more.