CashtoClose PA Closing Cost Calculator Features for Lenders

You may recall made its online debut in 2019 as a consumer-friendly closing cost calculator. And that was just the beginning. We’ve spent the last 3 years further developing CashtoClose into an indispensable tool for the buyer/borrower as well as a tool that will make life easier for Lenders and ALT Staff.

CashtoClose is our guided step-by-step PA closing cost calculator designed to give consumers a closing cost estimate that reads like an ALTA Settlement Statement. In fact, just like our online Title Insurance Calculator, we took painstaking measures to make CashtoClose produce the most accurate DIY closing cost estimate possible.

Homebuyers can get a really good idea of how much cash they’ll need to secure for settlement– with property taxes, escrows and seller credits - all pro-rated based on a settlement date.  Plus, they’ll get a breakdown of their all-in monthly mortgage payment with taxes and insurances, along with a projected date of first payment.

Developing CashtoClose was no small project. Behind the scenes, CashtoClose does all the heavy lifting, accessing public tax records and leveraging online technologies for the most complete and accurate DIY closing cost estimate available:

  • Built with Google address verification for any residential property in PA
  • Automatically designates the property’s county, municipality and school district yet allows the buyer to adjust it for those fringe cases.
  • Borrowers can enter specific loan details and enter an interest rate up to 4 decimal places
  • PMI or MIP automatically calculates based on down payment % and loan type
  • Homeowner’s insurance is estimated based on purchase price, or allows the user to enter a specific amount if available.
  • Closing costs, lender escrows and seller reimbursements– even school taxes – are all prorated based on a settlement date.


CashtoClose is a great tool for mortgage professionals too. Lenders can certainly use CashtoClose without registering, but with a free account you can simplify your workflow:

  • Invite your clients to create their own closing cost estimates, as many as they need
  • Maintain a database of your clients’ names, email address and properties, along with all the estimates you create.
  • Tag clients as active transactions or archive them for easy sorting
  • Create and send personalized closing cost estimates with your clients
  • Create multiple estimates for the same property or multiple properties
  • Save version history on any estimate you create.
  • Create, save and share personalized title insurance quotes with your clients
  • View your clients, their properties and their estimates, all in one place
  • Ultimately, this dashboard will be the secure online repository you’ve always wanted to share and store settlement documents.