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CashtoClose Closing Cost Calculator for PA Home Mortgage

How much will it really cost to buy that house?

alt 0814 l title horz lgALT has created the sharpest DIY closing cost calculator available for Pennsylvania home buyers. Look for our icon to see where you can reduce or eliminate fees. No email address required. Start crunching the numbers!

  • Calculate your all-in monthly payment with tax, insurance, and fees.
  • Detail your estimated closing costs, pro-rated by settlement date.

Estimating Your Closing Costs Has Never Been Easier!

In less than 5 minutes, you'll know if that house is within reach.

CashtoClose Closing Cost Calculator for PA Home Mortgage
  • Helpful Estimations

    Our calculator will suggest amounts for homeowner's insurance, mortgage insurance, title fees, lender fees and more, which you can use as a quick rule of thumb or you can input actual figures if you have them on hand.

  • Personal Cost Worksheet

    Get a clear, comprehensive worksheet with of all your closing costs including seller reimbursements, lender fees, escrows, title fees, recording fees and transfer tax and insurances.

  • All-in Monthly Mortgage Payment

    Get a clear breakdown of when payments start and how much they'll be, including principal and interest, real estate tax, school tax, and insurances.

  • Total Funds Needed for Settlement

    CashtoClose crunches the numbers to present you with the most accurate sneak peek at your settlement sheet, debits and credits, from the purchase price and deposit right down to the total amount of cash you'll need to bring to closing.

  • Double Check for Savings

    We indicate where you can save money on your title or real estate fees and opportunities to negotiate credits.  Look for the ALT icon throughout your cost worksheet to see where - and how much - you can save.

Mortgage professional? Read about CashtoClose features for lenders.

ALT's Closing Cost Calculator is Free to Use

Enter any address in Pennsylvania – even if it’s not currently on the market. We’ll calculate all the closing costs, the funds you'll need at settlement, and the all-in monthly mortgage payment.

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More Than Just a Calculator!

CashtoClose is designed to give home buyers a closing cost estimate that reads like an ALTA Settlement Statement. Until now, tools to create an estimate this complete and accurate were only available to title agents. Now buyer's can create their own estimates to help them plan.

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As many estimates as you want, for as many different properties you need.

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If you create a free account, we'll save your estimates which means you can return to edit them.

Customized Exclusively for Pennsylvania by ALT Title

What's the big deal?

Developing CashtoClose was no small project. Behind the scenes, this calculator does all the heavy lifting, accessing public tax records and leveraging online technologies for the most complete and accurate DIY closing cost estimate available:

67 Counties

Our address lookup is powered by Google. Just enter a property address and we'll look up the taxes and fees for your specific county.

498 School Districts

We've collected annual real estate and school tax data for all the school districts throughout Pennsylvania.

Over 2500+ Municipalities

We've created a database with all of the recording fees and transfer tax rates. The state of PA doesn't even have that!

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